Is Stage 4 Stomach Cancer A Death Sentence

Is Stage 4 Stomach Cancer A Death Sentence

Is Stage 4 Stomach Cancer A Death Sentence

Is Stage 4 Stomach Cancer A Death Sentence

Being born itself is a death sentence…from day of birth you start living as well as dying. Is Stage 4 Stomach Cancer A Death Sentence Stage 4 cancerimplies that cancer cells have involved organs or tissues away from the primary organ of origin ( also called distant metastases)

Stage 4 – mets to distant lymph nodes only  8 month Death Sentence?! Ciaran. Posts: 8 … My partner was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer roughly 3 weeks ago. In that time we have just received bad news after bad news. … In November 2009, my mom was diagnosed w/ stage 4 stomach ca. She was symptomless, just a slight tightening of the waist Is Stage 4 Stomach Cancer A Death Sentence

Stage 4 lung cancer is terminal and it’s a miracle she’s alive after a year. If she has pneumonia. A plea for help!!!! Stage 4 stomach cancer. 5 related questions. Beating a cancer death sentence cbn. Feb 2, 2011 my partner has been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer with ok, me and your partner are on a death sentence unless we can both pull

I have stage 4 cancer, should I fear death? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 15 Answers. … Has anybody survived stage 4 stomach cancer? Is being diagnosed with stage four cancer a death sentence? Ask New Question. Loise Montano, the sunset will not keep my spirit from shining

For most people this is the sensible option, because whilst diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer, it doesn’t mean that death is imminent. It may mean having palliative care come to you in the form of your primary physician or GP, perhaps a cancer specialist nurse to help with support as well as assistance with care duties or treatments

Stage four cancer is not an automatic death sentence, but it may mean that you will be in for the fight of your life. There is no cure for cancer, but there are treatments available that can potentially reduce cancer symptoms, sometimes even resulting in incidences of remission for stage four cancer patients Is Stage 4 Stomach Cancer A Death Sentence

Stage IV stomach cancerStage IV stomach cancer is the most advanced form of the disease. In stage IV, the cancer has metastasized, or spread, beyond the stomach into other areas of the body

Yes, there are some long term stomach cancer survivors. I met one on a trip in Sept. 08 who was 57 years old at the time. She has been cancer free for 7 years at the time and still probably is

They gave him 3-12 mos to live but once that death sentence was handed to him all the fight left him. He has been feeling pretty hopeless and is also suffering from cachexia- something I learned about last nite while online trying to figure out how to restart his appetite. … Stage 4 stomach cancer- spitting up after eating . by Cerise on Wed

Whilst death can be a sudden event e.g. from an embolism to the lung or from bleeding, dying of stomach cancer can be, and usually is, more prolonged. Taking to your bed, unable to get out with a continuous decline is the most common scenario Is Stage 4 Stomach Cancer A Death Sentence

Joe had stage IV, metastatic melanoma, an aggressive cancer, and it was spreading throughout his body. “It spread to my stomach,” recalls Joe. “So they had to take a third of my stomach out, and they took some lymph nodes out and part of my omentum.”

I was stage 4 colorectal cancer and I’ve been in remission going on 7 years. So no. It’s not a death sentence. You eat healthy, stay hydrated and do what your doctors tell you to do

Contrary to what you may read here or have heard cancer is not the death sentence it once was. Patients have treatment options. Patients have survived at every stage and grade. The first stage is the easiest to treat and stage IV is the most difficult . . but not impossible as I know people with abdominal cancer who have survived

I just learned that my brother in China was diagnosed stage 4 stomach cancer last week. The surgery could not go on at his stage. However, the cancer seems not spread to lung, liver, but spread over his bowl. … instead of continually using chemo. My brother said he is not afaid of death, but does like die in hospital with endless pain. I hope Is Stage 4 Stomach Cancer A Death Sentence

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Is Stage 4 Stomach Cancer A Death Sentence